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Also knowns as " EM Sculpt," this treatment is a painless and non-surgical procedure that targets specific areas of your body such as your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms. 

The treatment works by delivering High Intensity Electro Magnetic Therapy (HIEMT) + Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and Radio Frequency Technology (RF) to your muscles, causing your muscles to contract and release at a rapid pace, resulting in a deep workout that you could never achieve with regular exercise.

It  is perfect for those who have stubborn fat or want to tone their muscles but have a hard time doing so with traditional exercise. The treatment is also suitable for those who want to enhance their physique and achieve their body goals without undergoing surgery and is meant to be an addition to an active lifestyle. 

This is a quick and easy treatment that only takes 30 minutes per session. The number of sessions you need will depend on your individual goals and body type. However, most people typically see the best results with a series of four to six sessions.

Our RENA EMSculpt treatment is safe and has no downtime, which means you can resume your normal activities immediately after your session. It is also FDA-cleared and has been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness.


Clients add this service to their healthy lifestyle and fitness routine because this treatment: 

  • Saves time and effort

  • 30 minutes reclining = 5.5 hour workout

  • Tones muscle which helps burn fat

  • 30 minute abdomen treatment = 20,000 sit-ups

  • Non-invasive, no pain, no sweat, no side effects

  • Features adjustable intensity

During a treatment, the machine’s applicator simultaneously emits synchronized HIFEM, RF and EMS energy. The radiofrequency activity generates a gentle heat and the muscle temperature quickly raises by several degrees. Clinical studies showed on average most people experience a 35% reduction in subcutaneous fat.

EMS energy bypasses the brain’s limitations and contracts the muscle fibers in the treatment area at intensities that are not achievable during voluntary workout. This allows the recipient to achieve up to 30% increase in maximum muscle volume.

Brow Lift + Tint


Cellulite ReductionA revolutionary way to reduce cellulite. The technology combines safe electrical muscle stimulation and lymphatic movement, resulting in the breakdown of fat cells and the elimination of toxins which leads to smoother skin.

Unlike other treatments that just temporarily reduce the appearance, this treatment works internally. It triggers lipolysis, or fat loss through cell burning, and helps produce collagen which results in firmer, more toned skin.

The treatment also modulates hormones and helps detoxify the body for long-term improvements. As it increases circulation, oxygen delivery is optimized, allowing for even more tissue regeneration for effective results in decreasing cellulite’s appearance.


Lymphatic Drainage- This advanced technology utilizes electrical stimulation and impulses to target problem areas and aid the body’s natural lymphatic function.

These impulses help synchronize the activity of muscles, promote cell activity, and flush out toxins and excess fluid from the affected areas. The end result is enhanced circulation in the treated area, improved regulation of muscle tone, and improved overall wellness. For those who suffer from poor lymphatic drainage, this treatment can help restore balance in your body.

Skin TighteningHelps by producing collagens, which is responsible for giving skin its firm and youthful appearance. This process can help slough away dead skin cells on the surface, revealing smoother and softer-looking skin underneath. Renasculpt EMS Emsculpt Neo treatment does not involve any intrusive surgery or anesthesia, there is no discomfort and the risk of experiencing side effects if very low. Over time with multiple sessions, clients may see long-lasting improvement in their skin’s elasticity and tone with noticeable reduction in wrinkles and sagging areas.




EMS is electro muscle stimulation, it uses a combination of electro contractions and radio frequency 



Appointments should be spaced out every 2-3 days. For best results, it is used in conjuction with regular workouts in between.



For optimal results, 6-8 sessions is best. Some have noticed results within 1-2 sessions! 


  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Bring headphones as the machine can be quite loud. 



  • Be sure to drink plenty of water after your appointments.

  • For best results, it Is advised to continue your workouts in between appointments. 



  • Metal implants

  • Pregnant/Breast Feeding

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