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Lip blush/ Neutralization is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure to enhance the lips by adding a natural looking color/tint. It can help to achieve better symmetry, create the illusion of slightly fuller lips & correct unwanted pigmentation/ discoloration.

While also sometimes called lip tattooing, this is more of a cosmetic enhancement rather than traditional tattoo. Lip blushing focuses on altering both color and shape to create youthful looking lips.

Pigments are available in various colors to offer a natural lip tint best suited for your complexion with results lasting 1-3 years. It requires 2-3 sessions for desired results, especially when correcting unwanted pigmentation.

Please remember that your new lips are an open wound and can be a multi-step process depending on the desired color. For the first few days, it will be darker and thicker than your healed result which takes 30 days. Some clients experience flaking, scabbing and itchiness in the first week. After 8 weeks it is normal/common to have some spots where the pigment didn’t retain, at which point we do a follow up appointment to reinforce & fill in missing/faded pigment.

A touch up appointment should be scheduled 8-12 weeks after your initial lip blush appointment to reinforce pigment, it is suggested to do touch ups every 1 to 3 years to maintain the integrity of the color as the pigment will fade. If you do not return within the 1-3 year period it will be considered a full lip blush service, not a touch up. 

Because everyone's skin heals differently, the retention of pigment and longevity is impossible to predict, therefore, cannot be guaranteed.



Topical anesthetic cream and gel are used for numbing during your procedure. Pain threshold levels vary from person to person, every effort is made to ensure you remain comfortable for the entirety of the procedure. Please note you will be more sensitive on your menstrual cycle.


The pigment will last anywhere from 1-3 years. The treatment will fade over time and a touch up is required 8 weeks after the initial procedure.

Touch ups are essential for cosmetic tattoo procedures with each new procedure requiring 2 or more visits. 

* Please note that final results and time frame cannot be guaranteed as each skin type will hold pigments differently and break down at different rates. 



Sun exposure: The sun fades the pigment faster so sun block should be your new best friend! 
The regeneration of skin cells: The longer the regeneration takes, the longer the pigment holds.
Not following aftercare instructions.
Exfoliating Acids.
Excessively Oily Skin Types.


Constantly moisturize your lips 72 hours before your appointment, I cannot work on extremely dry or cracked lips.

If you are prone to cold sores, you must get a prescription for Zovirax to prevent breakouts immediately after the procedure.

Take Arnica 2 days prior, 1 day prior & day of appointment to help with swelling/ bruising.


If you plan to go on a vacation, it is recommended to plan your trip a minimum of 7 days after the procedure. Avoid any blood thinners for 24 hours prior to the appointment as well as Vitamin E, Aspirin, pre workout and alcohol.


You are more than welcome to bring one friend or family member with you to your appointment, however the county Health Department does not permit infants/toddlers or pets as client's open skin and blood are exposed.



Beautiful. You may experience some swelling/tenderness during the first 24- 48 hours after the appointment. 


  • 48 hours: Avoid blood thinners (Aspirin, Vitamin E, Niacin, Ibuprofen, Alcohol

  • 3 days: Avoid waxing/ threading, excessive sun exposure

  • 1 week: Avoid omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil)

  • 2 weeks: Avoid any chemical exfoliants/ facials/ peels/ botox 

  • No cuts, active sores or other abrasions on the lips

  • Must not have allergies to red color ink or dyes

  • Take Arnica tablets2 days prior, 1 day prior & the day of the help with swelling/ bruising

  • If you are prone to cold sores, you must get a prescription for Zovirax to prevent breakouts immediately after the procedure 


  • Do not touch or rub the healing pigmented area as this can create an infection.

  • Blot lips with a lint free paper towel when you see fluid oozing & reapply ointment with clean hands or lip applicator (you can use Bepantehn Antiseptic cream to help with healing).

  • For the next 10 days, morning and night, use a pump of the Cosmetic InkSoap on a non-woven cloth (provided) and gently wipe your lips. Rinse the cloth with cool water and gently wipe your lips after cleansing. You can either air dry or pat them with a paper towel to dry. 

  • You must wash your lips every time after eating. 

  • Rinse with alcohol free antibacterial mouth wash daily.

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure for 3 weeks after the procedure.

  • Avoid stretching your lips due to smiling, laughing & other factors.

  • Avoid eating spicy/ citrus/ acidic foods that may irritate your lips. Eat with a for & make sure that food does not touch your lips. 

  • DO NOT pick the dry skin. Instead, apply ointment and lightly massage lips. Allow chapped lips to flake off on its own (typically between day 4-6).

  • DO NOT use any lip balm for cold sores/ fever blisters such as Carmex, Blistex, etc. 

  • NO smoking or drinking alcohol. Drink daily fluids from a straw.

  • If you experience burning pain or see yellow gooey discharge, please see your medical provider immediately. 


  • Epilepsy 

  • Diabetes

  • Sickness, pregnant/ breast feeding

  • Autoimmune disease or Hemophilia

  • Heart disease or pacemaker

  • Botox/ Dysport within 1 month

  • Accutane within 1 year

  • Sunburn, skin irritation/rash or psoriasis

  • Keloids, moles or blemishes in the area

  • Freshly waxed skin 

  • Recent chemical peel within 1 week

  • ALLERGY to Lidocaine, Tetracaine or Epinephrine

  • Previous permanent makeup tattoo or are under 18 years of age. 

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